CHROMECAST: - This is owned by the search engine giant It is available at a price of $35 and it can be plugged into HDMI port device of your computer monitor or better still your television set. This device has the capacity to stream a full 1080p display. It also works with many devices such as Macs, Mobile devices that are powered by Android and iOS and then PCs. As soon as you connect the Chrome OS version of the Chromecast to your home WI-FI network or your TV, it will afford you the opportunity to watch series of media content through your mobile device on any HDMI TV that is available.

ASUS CUBE WITH GOOGLE TV: - This is a good investment decision should you buy this. It is good for a cable free entertainment needs. May be you already own or favor a Google TV, your purchase of the sleek Asus Cube is not a waste at all as it will complement your multi-media viewing routine. It also gives you access to media content on multiple devices. When you acquire it, it is packaged with a custom user interface with handy voice-enabled search functionality. Again with this wonderful equipment is a 50 GB of file storage facility right on the web. Of course, this is a good buy if that is what you settled for. There is a two-sided universal remote that has motion sensors and a microphone! The price you pay for all of this is $111.19.

APPLE TV: - If you are fanatical about apple product, then this may be the choice for you. It can be a viable alternative to the satellite or cable television. It is offered for sales at a price of $99.99. It streams media content from popular outlets such as HBO Go, Hulu, and Netflix.

Of the above list are exhaustive, it is just the mention of few amongst many.