PRIME FEED SATELLITE: - This is the most common that you see in various homes. It can be in a parabolic dish with about 1.4 meters in diameters. It is mounted with the LNC at the center facing outside. As beautiful as it looks, it does not receive many radio signals due to the fact that the LNC blocks many signals.

STATIONARY SATELLITE: - This satellite, unlike the motorized one, does not have the ability to rotate by itself. It is to be done by you towards the direction which you may want it to pick the signal from. There are different sizes, and for it to pick signal, will be a function of the size. Again, it can be pick signal from the one located close to it.

OFFSET ANTENNA: - The built of this is designed such that its LNC is located to the side of the dish. The location of the LNC does not block or interfere with the signal path, meaning it does pick sufficiently enough signals. Again, its picture quality tends to be of high quality. In design, they are very smaller than prime feed satellite.

DUAL OFFSET ANTENNA: - This is simply an improvement over the Offset Antenna. It is characterized by two dishes, one receives signal and the other picks signal and transfers it to the LNC.
The above is usually the necessary guide for you when you are thinking of what kind of antenna you may buy.